Life Cycle Partnership

Life Cycle Partnership

Why It Matters:

No monitoring system user should be left alone. The importance and com­plexity of a full-function monitoring system require ongoing support from your vendor so you can exploit the full benefits of the system and maximize your return on investment.

The support you receive should come in the form of training and assistance to help you fully utilize your system, as well as in continuous product development to keep your system state-of-the-art for the longest possible time span.

The Best Approach:

Choose a vendor that provides uninter­rupted services. Evaluate initial training programs. Make sure customer support teams are available as soon as your system is installed – including 24/7 hot­lines and as much diagnostic service as you require.

Remember, the most beneficial cus­tomer support contracts are those that give you flexibility. The amount of sup­port you need will decrease over time. Look for service contracts that allow you to step-down the level of support, enabling you to pay only for the services you need as you and your personnel grow in knowledge of the system.

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