Detecting Failures in Early Stages

Detecting Failures in Early Stages

Why It Matters:

The days of time-based maintenance are over. State-of-the-art monitoring technology gives you the ability to apply condition-based maintenance, reliably detecting developing failures and intervening before breakdowns

have an opportunity to occur. Early failure detection prevents machine damage, enhances safety, avoids unplanned machinery shutdowns, and reduces costs of operation. Success depends on the ability to accurately identify mechanical defects at an early stage – regardless of operating conditions – without issuing false alarms.

The Best Approach:

Accurate anomaly detection is accomplished by capturing a complex array of signals and analyzing them in a way that allows even minor changes in incoming signals to be recognized. By detecting

slight changes and understanding their consequences, early failures are detected – and false alarms are avoided. This type of in-depth intelligence demands a monitoring system that has been developed specifically for the unique behaviors of reciprocating machinery and perfected through decades of field experience.