Data Recording & Replay

Data Recording & Replay

Why It Matters:

Even the most sophisticated condition monitoring systems can perform a safety shutdown of a machine without leaving enough descriptive details to pinpoint the root cause. What option does the operator have? Restarting the machine for more evidence risks catastrophic damage. Exploratory maintenance wastes time, money, and productivity.

The Best Approach:

The answer lies in a feature called tran­sient data recording. Think of it as a flight data recorder carried on aircraft.

Transient data recording allows main­tenance technicians to re-run a safety shutdown, alert, or machine start-up by examining a gapless recording of all sig­nals in an uncompressed format. Armed with this data, maintenance personnel and analysts can pinpoint root causes

quickly and accurately. Bad actors can be confidently identified and maintenance activities can be carried out efficiently. In machine failure investigations, stored sig­nal readings play a major role in reducing downtime and maintenance costs.